Woman Divorced After 44-Year Marriage Shaves Decades From Her Age With Startling Makeover

In the United States, divorce is a very common thing and many of us hear about it happening on a regular basis. In fact, the statistics are worse than what most of us could possibly imagine. Every 13 seconds, a couple is getting a divorce so by the time you get finished with this paragraph, a couple is going to be signing the divorce document on the dotted line. That is something that Vicki understands all too well.

Vicki was married for 44 years and before she realized it, she was single again. She was also feeling out of place and lost but she didn’t want to waste a moment of her life stressing over the situation. She booked a reservation with Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy and went to his salon. She was already was familiar with Christopher and the skills that he has and she wanted to feel good about herself again after going through such a difficult ordeal.

It was difficult for Vicki to fight back the tears as she talked to the camera crew about being ready to be beautiful. She was 18 the last time she was single and she was rather terrified over the prospect.

How could she meet somebody new? Where could she meet them and if she did meet them, what would they think of her?

Christopher could sense the fact that she was stressed over the situation so he decided to give her a complete makeover, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. It wasn’t going to be enough to give her a simple wash and cut, he wanted her to be as beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside.

This celebrity stylist didn’t waste any time. He cut a lot of length off of her hair, adding some hair dye and then focusing on her makeup.

Vicki’s eyebrows were softened by dying them a lighter color and he used a Dewey foundation to even out her skin tone. By the time it was over, he couldn’t even recognize her!

She came into the salon as a sad divorcee but now she was a beautiful, proud woman that was sitting in the chair as tall as could be. It only took a few hours but Christopher turned her into a woman that was absolutely thrilled with what she saw in the mirror.

This is a makeover that makes us feel good. We are certain that Vicki feels good as well.

You can see Vicki’s amazing transformation in this video:



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